Need tables and chairs?

We offer banquet seating for up to 200 people for a modest additional charge. This includes access to two hundred attractive white folding chairs, and twenty-five 60″ round tables. Linens not included.

Also available for no charge: Six 2′ round cafe tables (the short kind), three 6′ folding tables, and two 8′ folding tables.

If you need more than what we offer, Peter Corvallis Productions has been recommended to us as a reliable supplier.

Food and Catering

You’re free to bring in your own caterer, and to supply any linens and cutlery that you’ll need.

We like Portland Catering Company for their excellent combination of quality and value.

My Bartender, (another local company) is an excellent choice if you just need someone to supply the bar.

Want to serve alcohol at your event?

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) requires a Special Events License to allow alcohol to be served at certain types of events. To see if your event falls into the Special Events License category, read what the OLCC says on their official website:

Note: A special events liquor license may be required for any event at the discretion of the Red Rose Ballroom.

A liquor license is needed at special events where:

  • Alcohol will be sold.
  • Alcohol is available (but not being sold), and you are charging or accepting donations for admission, or where payment is required to attend the event.

A liquor license is not needed at special events where:

  • You are making alcohol available, but no payment or purchase is required, and no donations of money are accepted, for alcohol, or for entry/admission, or for any other product or service. For example, at a wedding reception.

If you don’t already have an annual license (if you’re reading this, you probably don’t), you’ll need to apply for a Special Events license from the OLCC, which you do through the city of Portland.

It costs $35 to apply, then $50/day for the license.

You will need to apply a minimum of 7–10 days in advance.

Building Entry & Security

The front door to the building (on Alberta Street) is protected by a keypad. The entry code (as well as the keys to the Ballroom) will be provided once you’ve booked the space and signed the contract.

If your event is open to the public, you’ll need to station a door-person at these exterior doors to let guests in. More specific information about entry policies is outlined in the Secret Ballroom Guide.

A set of double doors leads directly to the Ballroom from 19th street. These are not keypad protected, and are normally used for loading-in. They may also be used as an entrance, to avoid needing a door-person at the Alberta Street entrance.

Note: private, bonded security may be required at the discretion of the Red Rose Ballroom.

What’s an “Insurance Endorsement”?

This is for events which are (1) open to the public, and/or (2) for which there will be ticket sales.

Note: Insurance for private events may also be required at the discretion of the Red Rose Ballroom.

The basic idea is that we need you to provide proof of liability insurance, just in case (heaven forbid, tfu tfu tfu, may it never happen!) something unfortunate happens at your event.

In addition to providing proof (in the form of a piece of paper known as a Certificate of Insurance), we’ll need you to add both the Red Rose Ballroom and The Fluent Self, Inc. as “Additional Insured”.

If you’re renting the space as part of your business, chances are your existing business insurance has you covered. If you have homeowners or renters insurance, talk to your insurance company about getting it through them. And if you’re a public school, insurance usually goes through the district.

If those situations don’t apply, here are a couple of options:

  • Our (super nice!) insurance guy: John Clelan at (503) 251 2255 / john.clelen@fourniergroup.net.
  • An online event insurer we’ve heard good things about: TheEventHelper.com

Need to reserve parking spaces for loading?

You can reserve parking spaces directly from the City of Portland. Note that these are for loading only, not for event parking.

  • Cost is $20/space (recently raised from $10, we’re sorry to say).
  • The easiest way to request a permit is by calling the Bureau of Transportation directly.
  • It takes 3–4 business days to process a permit, and it must be picked up in person at least two days before the event.
  • They’ll give you one “No Parking” sign per space, and will supply extra copies of the permit for vehicles using the space – vehicles must display a copy on their dashboard.
  • “No Parking” signs must be placed by the reserved spaces 24 hours in advance; The Red Rose Ballroom can supply a pair of props for sign display, or you may supply your own.
  • The Red Rose Ballroom’s street address is 1829 NE Alberta Street, but the area near the loading doors is on NE 19th Avenue.
  • City of Portland Bureau of Transportation
    (503) 823-7365
    1900 SW 4th Avenue., 1st floor, Portland OR 97201
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